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martedì 6 luglio 2021



This blog hasn't been used much in the past months, but you can still find all my new books and illustrations on my website, that's always updated.


giovedì 26 settembre 2019

new book! Le aventura de dormir solos

Le aventura de dormir solos
by Clara Mas and Judi Abbot,  Duomo Ediciones,ES.  Nord-Sud Edizioni IT 2019

mercoledì 11 settembre 2019

My latest books!

I have a new website
Go and check there my latest news!

"You can't scare me" by Bonnie Grubman and Judi Abbot, Clavis Be-USA 2020

"I am" by Judi Abbot, Zonderkids USA 2019

"El grande libro de la Luna" by M. E. Mazzanti and Judi Abbot, Duomo ediciones ES, Nord-Sud edizioni IT 2019

venerdì 25 gennaio 2019

Today at apple - Milan workshop

Italian friends! If you are in Milan Saturday the 2nd of February you can not miss my workshop at the Apple store in Piazza Liberty! 
I’m going to create fabulous hugs with your kids! 
Come on, book a space here for your little ones!;) 
From London to Milan, see you there!

lunedì 26 novembre 2018

new book! Il grande libro delle emozioni

I worked on this book before summer, and it has been a real pleasure to illustrate all these stories about emotions! the book is gorgeous, the perfect Christmas gift!
You can find the book in Italian here published for Salani, or in Spanish here, published for Duomo Ediciones.


venerdì 21 settembre 2018

NEW BOOK! De grote vijf- The Big Five!

My collaboration with Clavis publisher is going on very well. they are an amazing team to work with, and this is my last book with them.
You can find it now just in Dutch, but from next summer it'll be out in English as well!
Enjoy it!

sabato 14 luglio 2018

New book: "We are family"

My new book is out now!
We are family!
"Affectionate, funny and joyful, this is the newest collaboration between internationally successful illustrator Judi Abbot and award-winning author of the Aliens Love Underpants series Claire Freedman. From slupring milkshakes with a big crowd of siblings, to the heartwrenching difficulty of sharing that favourite teddy with a sister, and the joys of cuddling up together at the end of the day, this delightful picture book explores the love between siblings in all its forms, whatever the size or make up of a family. "